Promoting goals

Taking Kaohsiung City as the core demonstration site and link with related industrial bases in surround. Establishing Kaohsiung as the center of new material circulation, and making Taiwan as world’s paradigm of circular economy. The driving direction and expectations are as follows: 


(1) To avoid the interruption of various stages of the industrial chain TRL, the circular technology and material innovation research and development pavilion has been established at former Kaohsiung Refinery Plant (Naphtha Cracker Section V) to integrate capacities from industry-government-institute, state-owned enterprises and legal person. It aims to research and develop innovative materials to strengthen domestic R&D capacity and develop high value-added products. 

(2) Set up International College of Materials, bringing together top domestic teachers and overseas exports to form an alliance platform for cultivating high-level talents in material science and circular technology, and facilitate talent cultivation and R&D integration. 

(3) Developing a new circular demonstration park at Dalinpu in Kaohsiung. Through systematic planning and design to collect, regenerate and recycle the energy, resource, waste and waste water discharged from the production process by the enterprises of the park. 

(4) Implementing material transaction verification mechanism to facilitate resources integration and improve recycle rate. 

(5) Inventorying existing parks to introduce circular industrial park index, assisting enterprises to introduce the idea and guidance of circular economy, and establishing circular economy industrial alliance.

(6) Exploring channel: Inheriting innovative material R&D and verification of regrind material system, implementing innovative material technology (and regrind material), and exploring application channels and export channels. 

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