Policy Vision

To transform from linear economy to circular economy and facilitate overall industrial upgrading in Taiwan, this Plan is focused on “Circular Industrialization” and “Industrial Circulation”. Method is to assist key industries (ex. Metal, petrochemical industries) to research and develop innovative materials, and increase the value of renewable resources. Furthermore, capacities of the government-industry-university-institute are applied to construct and carry out new circulation demonstration parks, and sharing experiences with enterprises, industries, existing industrial parks, regions and overseas.   

(1) Circular Industrialization: Constructing new material innovation and R&D system and export channel. 

1. Promoting autonomous technology of high value new materials, and developing innovative products.
2. Constructing sites for training of new material R&D professionals and trial production.
3. Expanding application channel and export channel for innovated circular new material technology (and regrind material). 

(2) Industrial Circulation: Integrating resources and establishing symbiosis cluster of circular industry.

1. Constructing new circular demonstration park and release industrial land. Facilitating transformation of local industrial space to increase investment and employment opportunities.
2. Establishing circular economy information platform and verification system, and improving usage rate of resource circulation.
3. Promoting the integration of energy-resource in existing industrial parks, introducing the philosophy of circular economy, creating new business opportunity, and facilitating symbiosis cluster of circular industry.


The Major Strategic Thinking of the Government to Promote Circular Economy    

The core philosophy of circular economy is “No waste products, only misplaced resources”.  It is about the overall redesign of the entire production and consumption economic system, so that energy resources could be recycled more effectively. By the recycle of wastes and by-products to activate the circulation, and do the best to maintain all materials within the industrial economy circulation to achieve the ultimate goal of zero waste and no more energy resource  exploitation.

Using circular economy project to support the development of nation’s key industries, namely, ASVDA, smart machinery, green energy technology  and biomedical industry, and creating the multiple effect of “5 x 2”.

Strengthen social communication, striving for the public and industry to support the development of circular economy.

Inventorying  existing achievements, highlighting productive effect in basic necessities of people and productive effect of  assisting industry to break through the bottleneck of development.

Actively communicate with stakeholders such as environmental protection, cultural assets groups and industry associations to establish a consensus on the development of circular economy.

Promoting circular economy program, implementing 5R+3R promotion mechanism of circular economy.

。By cross-department and industry-academic-institute cooperation to establish promotion mechanism and methodology, continue to inventory the bottleneck of each industry in existing circular economy 5R (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repair, Recovery), using Rethink, Redefine, Redesign to break through restrictions, expand results, and innovate value.


The Major Strategic Thinking of the Government to Promote Circular Economy


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